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Coming Of Age

So I decided to take a break from my makeup posts to have an actual discussion with you folks. In my class recently, we had an assignment due that consisted of us taking pictures of what we thought described the term “coming of age.” So, I came up with an idea of what to do, but I was also interested in hearing what you guys had to say, so please comment below with what your idea of “coming of age” means!

For the assignment, we had to take only 5 pictures, and they needed to depict “coming of age.” Through these 5 pictures we could either do separate pictures of “coming of age” or we could create a scene of our thoughts. For my project I chose to center around a theme. I’m a commuter at my school, so centering around the theme of my car was a perfect idea for me!

So let me start by talking about what “coming of age means.” From the research I’ve done, it seems to just mean events or policies/regulations that show that one has matured or become an adult. It’s a very interpretive term. Depending on where your from and your culture becoming an adult takes on different faces. For some cultures it means certain religious rituals that take place, while in other cultures (like our own) it means certain right of passages that mean we are now able to do things that were once illegal when we were young. These things may be laws such as drinking, driving, or betting while it could be as simple as being now tall enough to ride on theme park rides. As I said before its very open to interpretation.

For me, driving symbolized a huge coming of age representation. So I started with a picture of my car, which is what all kids want? right? Having your own car means you can be independent, youre the big kid on campus, you’re now an adult. Well it certainly means you’re an adult. Which is why I followed up the image of my car with a bunch of pictures of the nitty gritty to do with cars. Now it wasn’t anything intricate because we actually only had a day and a half to complete the assignment so it was quite simple. The first picture being of my car, the second of an auto body, the third of a car wash, the fourth of a gas station and finally a picture from my accident.

Through all of these images I wanted to show that being an adult can be a wonderful thing, and I loved being able to have my own responsibility. But the point is, having responsibility means being prepared for whatever has to happen, and knowing theres a chance that bad things may come with the awesome adult responsibility.

Im really quite curious to hear what you guys think about coming of age! What does it mean for you? Is it adult responsibility like driving, betting, voting or drinking? Is it religious practices like confirmation? It’s such an interpretive idea, and I love that there was no exact answer. Feel free to leave feedback about my project, and share your ideas! Thanks for reading guys, hope you found this interesting!

Coming of age is a huge idea for us as humans. We all want to be treated as adults, and earn everyones respect. But I felt the most important thing to take from my project is that adulthood isn’t all fun and games. We have to understand that there is huge responsibility behind the fun. Growing up means that we’ve come into ourselves, but it also mean that the hard parts and rough areas of our lives are only just beginning. Coming of age is a warning to brace yourselves, because the hurricane is only just getting started.


For What It’s Worth

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of fashion and makeup posts on my blog. Which are fun, and it’s cool to be able to try out things yourselves. But I just wanted to stop for a second and have a kind of real talk with anybody that may be reading my blogs. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks and some experiences that hopefully all of you can learn from!

Currently I’m 19 years old. I work almost 40 hours a week (some weeks I go over), I work part time at a second job for about 10-12 hours a week, I’m a full time student at 15 credits a semester and I volunteer on a regular basis. Some people may say that I have no life, others may say I have too much of a life. But I feel that there is one thing we can all agree on…I’m quite overwhelmed!

I’ve been working like this since I was 16, so by now I’ve been pretty good at managing my time; but don’t let that fool you, I tend to have breakdowns too!

The point is, that you need to find a good balance for yourself and to do what you love. I’m willing to work those 40 hours a week because I love my job working with makeup. Everyone tells me it’s a perfect job for me, and they’re right, it is. I love what I do, so most of the time getting up and going to work isnt so much of a struggle. Admittedly, it is sometimes hard to be a people person though. Working in a makeup store is trying because everyday you have to understand you’re going in to match foundation and teach people about products. There’s no hiding in the back if you’re having a rough day!

On the opposite end, I continue to go to school because I know just how important a degree will be to my future.  I love my job in the cosmetic store, but that’s not necessarily my future. I know with what I’m studying I can be making a lot more money, and going a little bit further in my life. But I just know what my goals are, and I’m pretty good with time management with my homework. And even though the library is a dreaded place, I love being there because it’s the only time I can concentrate enough to get any work done!

Also, I love volunteering, and it’s flexible so I just work it in when I have time. I work with handicapped children, and I help them to play baseball.I love my job, and the kids excitement is reward enough to encourage me to find what little time I have to donate to them.

Basically my life is about balancing out what I love. Even though no one loves learning, I love having the opportunity and knowing what I’ll be able to do with my future. Life is overwhelming, and for a freshman in college the word “overwhelming” doesn’t even begin to describe my life. I just remember what my future plans and goals are, and that I am a hard worker and that I can work everything in.

I’m not saying that to be accomplished you have to be doing all that I am (two jobs, school full time, and volunteering). That’s not what necessarily makes you successful. What makes a person successful is finding something they’re passionate about and devoting a reasonable amount of time and energy to that cause. Whether you enjoy volunteering, school or work just do your best to make sure it’s where you want to be.

Finding a passion in something in life should be everyones goal. Im willing to manage my time because I love everything that I do and wouldnt want to give anything up. But there’s nothing wrong with just devoting time to one thing. And remember, if you get overwhelmed, theres also nothing wrong with taking a step back and giving some time to yourself. I know I’m taking this weekend off to go clubbing one night, and then just sit with my girls all day sunday. Therefore I’ll have the best of both worlds with getting out for a little while, but also being able to just sit back and relax. Take some time for yourself, and go out and find your passion!!