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Prom Season!

SOOoooo, it’s getting to be that time again! It’s getting warmer, the snows gone so you know what that means….Prom Season! For many of us it’s our favorite time of year, and for some of us…not so much. Prom can be exciting, life-changing, devastating, and nightmareish. The point is it’s different for everybody, but for me it’s a wonderful time of year!

Prom for me is beauty, extravagance, luxury and a time to make people gasp.

As a makeup artist I’m booking up appointments, and it’s something to consider…how much is too much? Prom is a wonderful time of year, but also one of the most expensive.

When considering your prom look, consider what works for you. Consider your eye color, hair color, and complexion. For blue eyes, pinks and neutrals will often work best. For green eyes, purples and blues will go well. For brown eyes, purples, greens and blues are all great. Neutrals can work on everyone, and considering how you use colors, anything can work for your skin tone.

Coming soon, I’ll be putting up posts about my free lance kit as well as looks that I’ll be doing on my clients. Stay put to see exciting things coming up! And I hope Prom season is as wonderful a time of year for all of you as it is for me!!


Young Love

         As prom season comes around, and as couples get closer to having such a fun and glamorous evening, one can only wonder if true love could possibly be a real thing. And if young love is a thing, does it exist as often as we think it does, or are couples just simply infatuated with eachother? With everything that kids are doing today, and how much faster kids seem to be growing up I wonder if you could ever really be in love with someone at such a young age. Proms can be such a luxurious thing, and so glamorous that I think they may cause people to develop feelings that they may not actually have.

            So many kids are saying that they’ve fallen in love and met their soulmate, but a lot of young adults are also getting pregnant and having children. I think the lines of love and infatuation become blurred when so many different obstacles are at play. When people have sex or go through such a big and expensive event it could feel like it’s love; but it may just be the excitement of the moment or such an intimate moment.

              Overall, I personally think that people my age (since I am of that teenage generation) have no real concept of love. I think we haven’t experience enough of what the world has to offer, and I think that our perceptions of love become blinded by other factors. I think to truly know love, you have to know heartbreak and that you need to experience the world. I understand that you may love the person that you are with, but I think to claim to be in love is something that comes with age and time.