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For What It’s Worth

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of fashion and makeup posts on my blog. Which are fun, and it’s cool to be able to try out things yourselves. But I just wanted to stop for a second and have a kind of real talk with anybody that may be reading my blogs. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks and some experiences that hopefully all of you can learn from!

Currently I’m 19 years old. I work almost 40 hours a week (some weeks I go over), I work part time at a second job for about 10-12 hours a week, I’m a full time student at 15 credits a semester and I volunteer on a regular basis. Some people may say that I have no life, others may say I have too much of a life. But I feel that there is one thing we can all agree on…I’m quite overwhelmed!

I’ve been working like this since I was 16, so by now I’ve been pretty good at managing my time; but don’t let that fool you, I tend to have breakdowns too!

The point is, that you need to find a good balance for yourself and to do what you love. I’m willing to work those 40 hours a week because I love my job working with makeup. Everyone tells me it’s a perfect job for me, and they’re right, it is. I love what I do, so most of the time getting up and going to work isnt so much of a struggle. Admittedly, it is sometimes hard to be a people person though. Working in a makeup store is trying because everyday you have to understand you’re going in to match foundation and teach people about products. There’s no hiding in the back if you’re having a rough day!

On the opposite end, I continue to go to school because I know just how important a degree will be to my future.  I love my job in the cosmetic store, but that’s not necessarily my future. I know with what I’m studying I can be making a lot more money, and going a little bit further in my life. But I just know what my goals are, and I’m pretty good with time management with my homework. And even though the library is a dreaded place, I love being there because it’s the only time I can concentrate enough to get any work done!

Also, I love volunteering, and it’s flexible so I just work it in when I have time. I work with handicapped children, and I help them to play baseball.I love my job, and the kids excitement is reward enough to encourage me to find what little time I have to donate to them.

Basically my life is about balancing out what I love. Even though no one loves learning, I love having the opportunity and knowing what I’ll be able to do with my future. Life is overwhelming, and for a freshman in college the word “overwhelming” doesn’t even begin to describe my life. I just remember what my future plans and goals are, and that I am a hard worker and that I can work everything in.

I’m not saying that to be accomplished you have to be doing all that I am (two jobs, school full time, and volunteering). That’s not what necessarily makes you successful. What makes a person successful is finding something they’re passionate about and devoting a reasonable amount of time and energy to that cause. Whether you enjoy volunteering, school or work just do your best to make sure it’s where you want to be.

Finding a passion in something in life should be everyones goal. Im willing to manage my time because I love everything that I do and wouldnt want to give anything up. But there’s nothing wrong with just devoting time to one thing. And remember, if you get overwhelmed, theres also nothing wrong with taking a step back and giving some time to yourself. I know I’m taking this weekend off to go clubbing one night, and then just sit with my girls all day sunday. Therefore I’ll have the best of both worlds with getting out for a little while, but also being able to just sit back and relax. Take some time for yourself, and go out and find your passion!!


Makeup Favorites!!

Alright, so I will start by apologizing ahead of time for not  blogging in forever!! I graduated, then we went on vacation, then I had knee surgery; but instead of continuing on with my sob story i’ll just apologize for not being on here! However, I think this blog will hopefully make up for me not being on here in forever! I’m going to suggest some products that are cheap “drugstore” and some higher end ones just to mix it up!

Okay, first product, is going to be my first product pictured witch is the ELF lipstick pen. Let me promise you, this is currently my favorite source for lip color! I got one at regular price in a cosmetic store for $2.99 and actually found the other at the dollar store! OMG can you believe just one dollar?! These really are perfect because I don’t need a lip pencil because this already has a point, so I line and fill in my lips with the same pencil! I have the coral and the neutral, and both colors truly are matte and have a great color pay off. I love the neutral color because it just looks like you enhanced your lips; my lips still look natural while being more pink and dimensional! So absolutely recommend buying these just to at least have around if you’re in a hurry!

Next product I’ll just continue on to the product pictured next which is the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT! This definitely helps to keep my makeup from moving and I notice that my skin doesn’t get as shiny as it usually does! I’ve also been using it as a sort of primer, which it works great as; since my skin has been so oily I’ve been skipping the primer and just doing about three sprays of this before I do my foundation! Its also really convenient that it comes with an oil formula, dry formula, and combination! I currently use the All Nighter which is for combination since im oily in summer but dry in winter. Go ahead and get whichever one works for your skin type, but make sure you get one! I got this at Sephora, I believe the big ones are thirty, but the also have tester sizes that are $15 so you don’t have to go broke!

Okay, third product! I honestly couldn’t live without my finishing powder! I currently use both Make Up Forever and Tarte, but I’ve heard the ELF HD was good too! The Tarte and Make Up Forever are around $30 for each, but I promise I’m going to try the ELF one and I’ll blog about it right away! As a suggestion for drugstore I honestly love the NYC one. I know NYC sounds so cheap, but this one really isn’t bad for the money, and I often use this one when I am in a rush or not going heavy on makeup! I know it was between $3-$5 and it’s definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if you’re just getting started!

Let’s see…..this next product is now eyeshadow! Which, I don’t know about you guys but probably one of my favorite products to use and buy! Eyeshadows come in soooo many fun colors and they make or break a look! I HIGHLY suggest getting the Wet and Wild palettes. They have a HUGE color pay off, and with a decent primer they last FORVER! The palettes range from $3-$9 I believe depending on what you get and they are more than worth the money! I’m not even bothering with high-end brands! I’m just buying all these palettes! Can’t say enough good things!

Finally, last product, and probably my favorite, Maybelline Fallsies Mascara!! THIS is my holy grail mascara! Better or as good as my high-end mascaras! It doesn’t clump, it maximizes my lashes, and all my lashes maintain their individuality after I’ve used it. I’m just going to end this product by saying GET IT!!!

Okay, so I’m going to end this blog here; I sincerely hope you guys will read this and get some helpful hints! I’m not a professional makeup artist; I just love makeup, I collect it, i’m always in at makeup kiosks, I spend my days watching youtube videos, so please don’t think im a total professional! I just feel I have a natural gift with this, and I want to share what I have learned! Please comment or message me if you liked this post, if you want to suggest something, if you want feedback on something, or if you would like some videos on products! I’m passionate and have good advice on style and makeup and decorating! Happy to help with anything, so please comment below!

Okay, thanks guys hope this helped, and I promise I’ll be back on here MUCH more often! I have my grad party on Saturday so I’ll post my style and makeup for that too!