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The take off is just as important as the put on

Makeup! Makeup is amazing, makeup can transform us, makeup can inspire us, makeup is beauty!
But…..what about taking off your makeup???

The truth is that taking off your makeup, is even more important than putting it on! If you don’t take off your makeup you could get infections, it could actually stain your face, and oddly enough it could get stuck in your eye (speaking, unfortunately, from experience).

I’ve been trying out these wipes for a while, and to be honest, I haven’t really found much that I love more! These are so hard to find though, so I have to say that’s the only downfall of them. I’ve been able to pick them up at Tj Maxx’s and Marshalls, but only when they come in. They smell amazing, and so far I have found them in a green, orange, and pink scent. I love them! They take off my makeup SOO well, I have never broken out from them, and they actually help your face to improve skin texture and quality as they’re taking off your makeup.

They do double duty, and they’re so affordable! I believe when I pick them up I usually pay $2.99 for 30 wipes! I highly recommend them, and it’s so important to take off makeup before you wash your face, so you might as well get something that does it all! Hope this helps all you makeup fans out there that have been struggling to find something that works just like I was!

Also, Im very sorry if these pictures don’t post. I attempted to post a couple, but I couldn’t figure out if they did. If you type in Beauty Concepts Detoxifying face wipes in google they should come up, in the three different varieties. While researching photos, I believe I also found them on amazon. So try that too, because you can also buy them off of there!

Go pick up the Beauty Concepts face wipes, because they will change your life!! Plus, if you don’t like them, what have you really lost??

Stay posted for some actual makeup looks that I’ll be doing! Spring will be such a fun time of year!