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Prom Season!

SOOoooo, it’s getting to be that time again! It’s getting warmer, the snows gone so you know what that means….Prom Season! For many of us it’s our favorite time of year, and for some of us…not so much. Prom can be exciting, life-changing, devastating, and nightmareish. The point is it’s different for everybody, but for me it’s a wonderful time of year!

Prom for me is beauty, extravagance, luxury and a time to make people gasp.

As a makeup artist I’m booking up appointments, and it’s something to consider…how much is too much? Prom is a wonderful time of year, but also one of the most expensive.

When considering your prom look, consider what works for you. Consider your eye color, hair color, and complexion. For blue eyes, pinks and neutrals will often work best. For green eyes, purples and blues will go well. For brown eyes, purples, greens and blues are all great. Neutrals can work on everyone, and considering how you use colors, anything can work for your skin tone.

Coming soon, I’ll be putting up posts about my free lance kit as well as looks that I’ll be doing on my clients. Stay put to see exciting things coming up! And I hope Prom season is as wonderful a time of year for all of you as it is for me!!


Fall Color Trends


Helloooooo!! Soooo I don’t think there’s anyone that loves fall more than I do! I love the cooler weather, I love Halloween, and I love all the darker colors! Fall is definitely my time of year both for the seasonal changes and for the fashion changes!

Alright so I figured since I was so excited to change up to my fall wardrobe I might as well give you some hints on how to get fall ready too! I put some pictures above of different colors that are really going to be in for this fall, and just some outfit trends I found and liked to give you some helpful hints on how to put them together! I do apologize that I couldn’t get all of the pictures to work right in the blog, but just click on the link and it’ll bring up the pictures of the outfits! I’ll be doing a lot more of these posts, and since I realize a lot of the pictures are of super fancy or unaffordable outfits I’ll make sure to post some more outfits that are cheaper and more wearable. So let’s get started!

Color number one is that dark foresty-type green. Not only do I love that as an outfit choice, but I love the way it looks on the eyes as well! Green is always a good color for brown eyes, but for fall it would still work well with blue or hazel eyes!  Look for this darker green to transition into fall, and don’t be shy to pair it with a purple!


The second color we’re looking at is cobalt blue! I have a couple of shirts this color, and nobody ever notices the embroidery but they do notice the color. I get so many complements on it and it looks great with any pearl accents including necklaces and earrings. Cobalt blue looks great with a variety of colors, but I suggest trying to pair it with white an black.


Third color is cranberry! And let me tell you I’m partial to this color because it’s pretty much my favorite color and I’m currently wearing it on my toes….so yeahhh I’m kind of in love! Anyways, its such a beautiful color and if you can find it in nail polishes or eyeshadows I highly suggest you pick it up! Its great as a comfy sweater, and looks great with green. Don’t worry, you won’t look Christmassy since this is not quite a red color!


Thanks for bearing with me! We’ve finally arrived at the last, and my favorite color for fall trends! And I’m so excited to tell you that even though I stole this picture from offline I actually own that jacket! As uncoordinated as this is my nails are this orange color even though my toes are cranberry! I love this shade, and I love how daring it is. It goes great with a lot of things, but this may be outside of some of your comfort zones since it is such a vibrant color. However, if you can get the confidence I suggest this color, and can’t even tell you the number of complements I have gotten on this jacket! If you’re not so comfortable with this color, just get it on your nails so that it’s not so obvious!


Alright guys, I hope this helped you get started with some color ideas for fall! And I certainly hope all of you love fall as much as I do! The leaves are so beautiful, and I just love cuddling up with a movie, blanket, and some hot cocoa or tea! If you have any questions or ideas feel free to let me know! Otherwise, happy fall to all!!