2014 Color Trends

Soooo I figured I’d take a minute to talk about the popular 2014 Color Trends….come on we all know it’s on our minds!! What outfit will we be wearing on that first real day of Spring? What are the summer colors? Will I be able to rock the bold color trend??

You all should be as excited as I am! I appologize for the picture being a little blurry, but overall you can understand the colors. It’s true that not every color will work for you, but there’s plenty of ufn bold colors to go around!

I have to just say the orange and magenta color trends are the ones that are grabbing me. Magenta is the big trend in the makeup industry for this spring, and I can’t wait for our upcoming makeup event to try out this fun color! However, orange is just as bold and makes for a fun lip and shirt combo! My biggest reason for liking the magenta and orange trends are because I feel these are the two colors that will look good on everyone!

For paler skin tones try out blues (cobalt), yellows, and dont be afraid to rock that orange! It’s the perfect pop on light skin!

For olive and darker skin tones go with the purples, greens, and again orange is great!

Hope this helps, and stay tuned because ill be uploading pictures of my makeup looks with these fun spring colors!





As always, I have to start by apologizing for not having blogged in a while. Between  working, school, and I had a little car accident I just have had no time to get on here! Anyway, I will apologize once more, and continue on to the point of the blog post so I don’t waste anyone else’s time!

Okay so the point of this post is to explain a little bit about contouring and highlighting and all that jazz, but also the main point being to tell you all my favorite products and why! So we know the most important part about contouring is the bronzing. So to start you want to create a crisp thin line of bronzer along your cheek bones using the fishy face. You follow the line from the back of your cheek bones towards the corner of your mouth, but don’t go quite all the way to the corner. I usually suggest to stop where the corner of your eye is. Also, I use the hoola bronzer by benefit because it’s a color that looks AMAZING on everyone, and I love that it’s matte. The fact that it’s matte gives for a more naturally tan look. Lastly, you want to make sure to run the bronzer along your hairline because that gives a glow to your face which helps with looking more natural.

Next, you want to apply blush. This goes generally along the apples of your cheeks. I use an angled blush brush because you can get an easily defined line that can be blended out. Start from the upper back portion of your cheek and work down to the apples of your cheeks, but I usually make sure my blush is touching my bronzer. I don’t necessarily have a favorite blush, but for people like me anything in a mauve tone is really nice and is good for everyday. For anyone with light skin and blonde hair, a nice Barbie pink is always good, and for anybody who’s darker obviously a deeper pink with red undertones is good.

Lastly, you always want to top off your contour with a highlighter. It makes you look more awake, and gives a complementary glow that draws attention. For this, I use a fan brush, but one that’s a little bigger so it picks up more product. I dust it just under my eye above my brush, then will lightly sweep it around the outside of my eye to just slightly on top of my brow. For a more intense highlight ill use benefits “watts up” highlighter blended out with my finger then place the elf baked blush in “pinktastic” on top. The elf blush is definitely my favorite highlighter is my favorite for now, and I use it no matter what.

I usually use all of these products together, and end by taking a loose fluffy brush a blending everything together to give a more seamless look that doesn’t have harsh lines. These products aren’t too expensive so I highly suggest trying them all. Last time I checked I believe the hoola was $28, and the elf was $5. Another substitution for the hoola bronzer would be either the Sephora brand or wet and wild has some nice matte bronzers too. I hope this helps, and let me know if anybody wants a video demonstration on contouring! Thanks for reading!!

New Job!!

So it’s been quite a while, and I do apologize. You can clearly tell from the title that I got a new job, which will actually make this my third job, and I’m still attending school full time. Sooooo don’t ask me how I’m doing it, but I clearly have very little time and am a little stressed out! But anyways onto the good stuff….my new job!!

So, and I unfortunately can’t tell you where, BUT I am officially working for a cosmetic company!! (There really aren’t that many big so I’m sure at least some of you can actually guess where I am) But this is exciting news! I know in this blog I’ve shared everything from make-up to fashion with you, but having this new job is going to allow me to go even further with this and provide even more tips and tricks!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know what was happening and what you can look forward to, and that you’ll hopefully be as excited as I am! So quite soon, I’ll be posting plenty of tutorials and tricks that I’m learning, but I’ll try to keep some fashion and like DIYs in there! Hope everyone is well, and as excited as I am for what’s coming!

Fall Color Trends


Helloooooo!! Soooo I don’t think there’s anyone that loves fall more than I do! I love the cooler weather, I love Halloween, and I love all the darker colors! Fall is definitely my time of year both for the seasonal changes and for the fashion changes!

Alright so I figured since I was so excited to change up to my fall wardrobe I might as well give you some hints on how to get fall ready too! I put some pictures above of different colors that are really going to be in for this fall, and just some outfit trends I found and liked to give you some helpful hints on how to put them together! I do apologize that I couldn’t get all of the pictures to work right in the blog, but just click on the link and it’ll bring up the pictures of the outfits! I’ll be doing a lot more of these posts, and since I realize a lot of the pictures are of super fancy or unaffordable outfits I’ll make sure to post some more outfits that are cheaper and more wearable. So let’s get started!

Color number one is that dark foresty-type green. Not only do I love that as an outfit choice, but I love the way it looks on the eyes as well! Green is always a good color for brown eyes, but for fall it would still work well with blue or hazel eyes!  Look for this darker green to transition into fall, and don’t be shy to pair it with a purple!


The second color we’re looking at is cobalt blue! I have a couple of shirts this color, and nobody ever notices the embroidery but they do notice the color. I get so many complements on it and it looks great with any pearl accents including necklaces and earrings. Cobalt blue looks great with a variety of colors, but I suggest trying to pair it with white an black.


Third color is cranberry! And let me tell you I’m partial to this color because it’s pretty much my favorite color and I’m currently wearing it on my toes….so yeahhh I’m kind of in love! Anyways, its such a beautiful color and if you can find it in nail polishes or eyeshadows I highly suggest you pick it up! Its great as a comfy sweater, and looks great with green. Don’t worry, you won’t look Christmassy since this is not quite a red color!


Thanks for bearing with me! We’ve finally arrived at the last, and my favorite color for fall trends! And I’m so excited to tell you that even though I stole this picture from offline I actually own that jacket! As uncoordinated as this is my nails are this orange color even though my toes are cranberry! I love this shade, and I love how daring it is. It goes great with a lot of things, but this may be outside of some of your comfort zones since it is such a vibrant color. However, if you can get the confidence I suggest this color, and can’t even tell you the number of complements I have gotten on this jacket! If you’re not so comfortable with this color, just get it on your nails so that it’s not so obvious!


Alright guys, I hope this helped you get started with some color ideas for fall! And I certainly hope all of you love fall as much as I do! The leaves are so beautiful, and I just love cuddling up with a movie, blanket, and some hot cocoa or tea! If you have any questions or ideas feel free to let me know! Otherwise, happy fall to all!!


FIve Products I can't live Without!!

HIII!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been so busy with work plus I’ve been having trouble uploading my photos! But as soon as I figure it all out I’ll upload outfits that I’ve recently worn and where/for what I’ve worn them for!

Ok, anywhooooo, today’s post is obviously five products that I’ve tried and loved therefore I use them like everyday! I’ll start from left to right according to the picture, and I’ll provide a description of the product as well as how I use it!

#1 Elizabeth Arden Toner for Normal Skin: Okay, so this product I really do like and definitely have noticed a dramatic change in my skin! The bottle says: “Revitalizing toner gently removes lingering traces of cleanser and makeup. Refines skin.” I use this right after I cleanse my face, and as soon as I pull the dirt away I can see the dirt and makeup on the pad! I love this because it really does get rid of any dirt that my cleanser misses! I just use a flat cotton pad, place a little just on the center of the pad and sweep it across my entire face. My only warning: be careful of using too much because I noticed if I used a lot of product that my skin started to become a little paler in those areas! Otherwise, love this and use it morning and night just after cleansing my face!

#2 NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Beige: I love this product but as a primer, NOT a concealer! Sorry NYX, but it’s just too thick and cakey to be a concealer! However, (I own Urban Decay, Sephora, and other drugstore primers) and so far this is the only thing that I can sit here and guarantee you has worked perfectly and my makeup has NEVER creased or ran while im wearing this! I just lightly cover my eyelid and under my brow with it and then place all my eyeshadows and liners over the top for perfect staying power! LOVE IT!

#3 H20+ Green Tea Face Complex: I use this as a moisturizer at night, and I probably won’t use anything else. I like this because it doesn’t leave my face really oily, but I can still tell that my face is getting the moisture that it needs to counteract my oily skin. Container says: “A powerful antioxidant cream that combines Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea, and marine algae to help protect skin from free-radical damage, environmental exposure and dehydration which contribute to the visible signs of aging.” I use this at night after I use my toner to go to bed with a soft a moisturized face reassuring me I’ll be ready to apply makeup in the morning!

#4 Catwalk Volume Collection Root Boost Spray: My holy grail for volume, but listen before you use it! I have tried it several ways, and love it!, but it works better if you apply it to wet/damp hair then blow dry over it. You’ll still get volume but I noticed that if I tried to apply it to dry hair I noticed that I could feel the product on my hair even a few hours later. Can says: Magnificent volume starts at the roots. This fine mist foam delivers the lift and support essential for a long lasting, dramatic style.” I highly recommend using this product if your hair is starting to look a little dull and lifeless. I wasn’t a fan of my new short hair at first because I didn’t know what to do with it, but with this much volume I couldn’t love it more!!

#5 Michael O’Rourke Fix It Up Leave In Treatment: Okay, so this is a must, even if you don’t have damaged hair! I just cut my hair so I know it’s not damaged, but this stuff made it look even better! I used to go two days without washing my hair before it got rough and unmanageable, but I can safely go now 3-4! Bottle says: “Instant repair for dry and processed hair.” My hair always maintains a brilliant luster, and I can happily wear it for days! A must have for healthy OR damaged hair!

Alright, I really hope anyone reading this can take something from this post! If you want to see any videos, or a post specifically of one product on how to use these let me know! Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts of outfits I’ve been wearing out!

Daily Update!

Alright, not too much to talk about tonight so I thought i’d just give an update. I’ll start by saying make sure you read my previous post about my current makeup favorites! I have used and researched all these products so I suggest them with confidence! I thought the post would help so make sure to give me your feedback on if it did.

Next, I’ll just update you on what’s coming up for the rest of the week so you know what you have to look forward to:

Friday – TRACK DAY! I haven’t been to the track before so I’ll be sure to upload a post on my first impressions. Also, i’ll upload my makeup and style choices, as well as the reactions to them and how well I fit in or stood out! I have my hat all set, but you’ll just have to wait to see it!

Saturday – GRADUATION PARTY! Yes, I am well aware how late in the season this is, but that was done on purpose. I didn’t want the same date as anyone else and I had prior commitments so this date worked out better. But you know i’ll be fabulous if I’m at a party; especially my own! I bought a new dress, but I’m going to try to put specific emphasis on accessories and shoes!

Okay, so that’s what’s coming up for me and what you can expect to be seeing the rest of this week. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer! Keep checking for my style and makeup posts!

Makeup Favorites!!

Alright, so I will start by apologizing ahead of time for not  blogging in forever!! I graduated, then we went on vacation, then I had knee surgery; but instead of continuing on with my sob story i’ll just apologize for not being on here! However, I think this blog will hopefully make up for me not being on here in forever! I’m going to suggest some products that are cheap “drugstore” and some higher end ones just to mix it up!

Okay, first product, is going to be my first product pictured witch is the ELF lipstick pen. Let me promise you, this is currently my favorite source for lip color! I got one at regular price in a cosmetic store for $2.99 and actually found the other at the dollar store! OMG can you believe just one dollar?! These really are perfect because I don’t need a lip pencil because this already has a point, so I line and fill in my lips with the same pencil! I have the coral and the neutral, and both colors truly are matte and have a great color pay off. I love the neutral color because it just looks like you enhanced your lips; my lips still look natural while being more pink and dimensional! So absolutely recommend buying these just to at least have around if you’re in a hurry!

Next product I’ll just continue on to the product pictured next which is the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT! This definitely helps to keep my makeup from moving and I notice that my skin doesn’t get as shiny as it usually does! I’ve also been using it as a sort of primer, which it works great as; since my skin has been so oily I’ve been skipping the primer and just doing about three sprays of this before I do my foundation! Its also really convenient that it comes with an oil formula, dry formula, and combination! I currently use the All Nighter which is for combination since im oily in summer but dry in winter. Go ahead and get whichever one works for your skin type, but make sure you get one! I got this at Sephora, I believe the big ones are thirty, but the also have tester sizes that are $15 so you don’t have to go broke!

Okay, third product! I honestly couldn’t live without my finishing powder! I currently use both Make Up Forever and Tarte, but I’ve heard the ELF HD was good too! The Tarte and Make Up Forever are around $30 for each, but I promise I’m going to try the ELF one and I’ll blog about it right away! As a suggestion for drugstore I honestly love the NYC one. I know NYC sounds so cheap, but this one really isn’t bad for the money, and I often use this one when I am in a rush or not going heavy on makeup! I know it was between $3-$5 and it’s definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if you’re just getting started!

Let’s see…..this next product is now eyeshadow! Which, I don’t know about you guys but probably one of my favorite products to use and buy! Eyeshadows come in soooo many fun colors and they make or break a look! I HIGHLY suggest getting the Wet and Wild palettes. They have a HUGE color pay off, and with a decent primer they last FORVER! The palettes range from $3-$9 I believe depending on what you get and they are more than worth the money! I’m not even bothering with high-end brands! I’m just buying all these palettes! Can’t say enough good things!

Finally, last product, and probably my favorite, Maybelline Fallsies Mascara!! THIS is my holy grail mascara! Better or as good as my high-end mascaras! It doesn’t clump, it maximizes my lashes, and all my lashes maintain their individuality after I’ve used it. I’m just going to end this product by saying GET IT!!!

Okay, so I’m going to end this blog here; I sincerely hope you guys will read this and get some helpful hints! I’m not a professional makeup artist; I just love makeup, I collect it, i’m always in at makeup kiosks, I spend my days watching youtube videos, so please don’t think im a total professional! I just feel I have a natural gift with this, and I want to share what I have learned! Please comment or message me if you liked this post, if you want to suggest something, if you want feedback on something, or if you would like some videos on products! I’m passionate and have good advice on style and makeup and decorating! Happy to help with anything, so please comment below!

Okay, thanks guys hope this helped, and I promise I’ll be back on here MUCH more often! I have my grad party on Saturday so I’ll post my style and makeup for that too!