Catching-Up and Online Makeup Courses???

So it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and not only am I going
through withdrawal, but I’m looking at other posts and it’s giving me
great ideas! But, we’ll just do some quick catch-up:

Sooo…I’m currently working at my college (part-time), and am not
working in makeup right now…because…I’ve been so busy and am going
to be so busy! My summer is filled with a lot of work still, some
volleyball, and hanging out with friends. And rather than murder
myself then try to enter my junior year of college, I have decided to
have an easy summer. But my summer’s been pretty fun. I’ve done some
shopping trips, visited some family, been to concerts and of course
been practicing makeup!

But enough about me and my catching up, let’s talk about makeup
courses. Are they worth it? Why am I taking it? Which one am I looking
at? What does it entail?

So, I am currently looking into the Trendimi makeup online course. I’m
sure, for anybody that looks, this is a course that is claimed to
retail for $400. However, there are numerous sites that are offering
this course for just $29. (I found mine on Groupon.)

The course allows 45 days to complete the 9 modules and receive your
certificate. Plus, it’s all online and you don’t have to send in any
pictures. Sounds too good to be true right??!!

>From the reviews that I’ve seen its about 50/50. Some people hate it,
and others love it. My interpretation is this: the course seems very
trivial and basic for a lot of people who already have experience with
makeup (or even those who watch youtube.)

For me, I would like to take the course because it does count in many
places, it’ll help to go along with a portfolio when applying for
cosmetic jobs (for many area cosmetics sales positions it will count
as full certification), and for $29 I figure you can’t go wrong. The
site also claims that with the certificate you can get the MAC pro

I have not taken the course yet, so as of right now I can’t give any
concrete details. However, I am planning on buying the course off of
Groupon, and so when I take it I’ll be sure to post a follow up review
on my experience. I’ll let you know some of the modules, if I thought
it was worth it, if I could get a job with it, and if I can get a MAC
pro card.

Hopefully this information will help you guys if you’re thinking about
taking a course, and if you already have please comment your reactions

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever, but I’ll be on here much more often!


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