2014 Color Trends

Soooo I figured I’d take a minute to talk about the popular 2014 Color Trends….come on we all know it’s on our minds!! What outfit will we be wearing on that first real day of Spring? What are the summer colors? Will I be able to rock the bold color trend??

You all should be as excited as I am! I appologize for the picture being a little blurry, but overall you can understand the colors. It’s true that not every color will work for you, but there’s plenty of ufn bold colors to go around!

I have to just say the orange and magenta color trends are the ones that are grabbing me. Magenta is the big trend in the makeup industry for this spring, and I can’t wait for our upcoming makeup event to try out this fun color! However, orange is just as bold and makes for a fun lip and shirt combo! My biggest reason for liking the magenta and orange trends are because I feel these are the two colors that will look good on everyone!

For paler skin tones try out blues (cobalt), yellows, and dont be afraid to rock that orange! It’s the perfect pop on light skin!

For olive and darker skin tones go with the purples, greens, and again orange is great!

Hope this helps, and stay tuned because ill be uploading pictures of my makeup looks with these fun spring colors!


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