As always, I have to start by apologizing for not having blogged in a while. Between  working, school, and I had a little car accident I just have had no time to get on here! Anyway, I will apologize once more, and continue on to the point of the blog post so I don’t waste anyone else’s time!

Okay so the point of this post is to explain a little bit about contouring and highlighting and all that jazz, but also the main point being to tell you all my favorite products and why! So we know the most important part about contouring is the bronzing. So to start you want to create a crisp thin line of bronzer along your cheek bones using the fishy face. You follow the line from the back of your cheek bones towards the corner of your mouth, but don’t go quite all the way to the corner. I usually suggest to stop where the corner of your eye is. Also, I use the hoola bronzer by benefit because it’s a color that looks AMAZING on everyone, and I love that it’s matte. The fact that it’s matte gives for a more naturally tan look. Lastly, you want to make sure to run the bronzer along your hairline because that gives a glow to your face which helps with looking more natural.

Next, you want to apply blush. This goes generally along the apples of your cheeks. I use an angled blush brush because you can get an easily defined line that can be blended out. Start from the upper back portion of your cheek and work down to the apples of your cheeks, but I usually make sure my blush is touching my bronzer. I don’t necessarily have a favorite blush, but for people like me anything in a mauve tone is really nice and is good for everyday. For anyone with light skin and blonde hair, a nice Barbie pink is always good, and for anybody who’s darker obviously a deeper pink with red undertones is good.

Lastly, you always want to top off your contour with a highlighter. It makes you look more awake, and gives a complementary glow that draws attention. For this, I use a fan brush, but one that’s a little bigger so it picks up more product. I dust it just under my eye above my brush, then will lightly sweep it around the outside of my eye to just slightly on top of my brow. For a more intense highlight ill use benefits “watts up” highlighter blended out with my finger then place the elf baked blush in “pinktastic” on top. The elf blush is definitely my favorite highlighter is my favorite for now, and I use it no matter what.

I usually use all of these products together, and end by taking a loose fluffy brush a blending everything together to give a more seamless look that doesn’t have harsh lines. These products aren’t too expensive so I highly suggest trying them all. Last time I checked I believe the hoola was $28, and the elf was $5. Another substitution for the hoola bronzer would be either the Sephora brand or wet and wild has some nice matte bronzers too. I hope this helps, and let me know if anybody wants a video demonstration on contouring! Thanks for reading!!


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