New Job!!

So it’s been quite a while, and I do apologize. You can clearly tell from the title that I got a new job, which will actually make this my third job, and I’m still attending school full time. Sooooo don’t ask me how I’m doing it, but I clearly have very little time and am a little stressed out! But anyways onto the good stuff….my new job!!

So, and I unfortunately can’t tell you where, BUT I am officially working for a cosmetic company!! (There really aren’t that many big so I’m sure at least some of you can actually guess where I am) But this is exciting news! I know in this blog I’ve shared everything from make-up to fashion with you, but having this new job is going to allow me to go even further with this and provide even more tips and tricks!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know what was happening and what you can look forward to, and that you’ll hopefully be as excited as I am! So quite soon, I’ll be posting plenty of tutorials and tricks that I’m learning, but I’ll try to keep some fashion and like DIYs in there! Hope everyone is well, and as excited as I am for what’s coming!


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