FIve Products I can't live Without!!

HIII!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been so busy with work plus I’ve been having trouble uploading my photos! But as soon as I figure it all out I’ll upload outfits that I’ve recently worn and where/for what I’ve worn them for!

Ok, anywhooooo, today’s post is obviously five products that I’ve tried and loved therefore I use them like everyday! I’ll start from left to right according to the picture, and I’ll provide a description of the product as well as how I use it!

#1 Elizabeth Arden Toner for Normal Skin: Okay, so this product I really do like and definitely have noticed a dramatic change in my skin! The bottle says: “Revitalizing toner gently removes lingering traces of cleanser and makeup. Refines skin.” I use this right after I cleanse my face, and as soon as I pull the dirt away I can see the dirt and makeup on the pad! I love this because it really does get rid of any dirt that my cleanser misses! I just use a flat cotton pad, place a little just on the center of the pad and sweep it across my entire face. My only warning: be careful of using too much because I noticed if I used a lot of product that my skin started to become a little paler in those areas! Otherwise, love this and use it morning and night just after cleansing my face!

#2 NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Beige: I love this product but as a primer, NOT a concealer! Sorry NYX, but it’s just too thick and cakey to be a concealer! However, (I own Urban Decay, Sephora, and other drugstore primers) and so far this is the only thing that I can sit here and guarantee you has worked perfectly and my makeup has NEVER creased or ran while im wearing this! I just lightly cover my eyelid and under my brow with it and then place all my eyeshadows and liners over the top for perfect staying power! LOVE IT!

#3 H20+ Green Tea Face Complex: I use this as a moisturizer at night, and I probably won’t use anything else. I like this because it doesn’t leave my face really oily, but I can still tell that my face is getting the moisture that it needs to counteract my oily skin. Container says: “A powerful antioxidant cream that combines Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea, and marine algae to help protect skin from free-radical damage, environmental exposure and dehydration which contribute to the visible signs of aging.” I use this at night after I use my toner to go to bed with a soft a moisturized face reassuring me I’ll be ready to apply makeup in the morning!

#4 Catwalk Volume Collection Root Boost Spray: My holy grail for volume, but listen before you use it! I have tried it several ways, and love it!, but it works better if you apply it to wet/damp hair then blow dry over it. You’ll still get volume but I noticed that if I tried to apply it to dry hair I noticed that I could feel the product on my hair even a few hours later. Can says: Magnificent volume starts at the roots. This fine mist foam delivers the lift and support essential for a long lasting, dramatic style.” I highly recommend using this product if your hair is starting to look a little dull and lifeless. I wasn’t a fan of my new short hair at first because I didn’t know what to do with it, but with this much volume I couldn’t love it more!!

#5 Michael O’Rourke Fix It Up Leave In Treatment: Okay, so this is a must, even if you don’t have damaged hair! I just cut my hair so I know it’s not damaged, but this stuff made it look even better! I used to go two days without washing my hair before it got rough and unmanageable, but I can safely go now 3-4! Bottle says: “Instant repair for dry and processed hair.” My hair always maintains a brilliant luster, and I can happily wear it for days! A must have for healthy OR damaged hair!

Alright, I really hope anyone reading this can take something from this post! If you want to see any videos, or a post specifically of one product on how to use these let me know! Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts of outfits I’ve been wearing out!


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