The Value of Self-Worth

So I’m in AP English at my high school, and we have to do a research paper on a famous author. And while in doing my research, this struck my fancy. What is the value of self-worth, and how do we know what our own personal worth is? For my project I’m doing Alice Walker, who wrote “The Color Purple.” She was a civil rights activist, and she pushed for gender equality.

Alice Walker constantly promoted that only we could make our own happiness, and it’s so true. We can’t rely on others to create happiness for us, only we know what truly makes us happy. The way that we see ourselves, is the way that others will view us. We create the image that others will see us in, and we choose how much we will let others opinions affect us.

We set the stage for others opinions; if we show people that we listen to them and that they can affect us then they’ll continue to do so. You have to stand up for yourself and encourage the opinions that others will form. Don’t wait for good things or people to come your way; seek out these things and simply create your own. Find beauty in the simple things: nature, flowers, trees, air, family. Don’t put a monetary value on your own happiness, because you are the only one who will make sure there’s no price put on your happiness or on yourself.

So I hope you all read this, and to some extent were taking notes. I’m trying to teach myself how to be more appreciative for what I have, and to find beauty within myself and within the people and things around me. I sincerely hope you all can realize that you are beautiful, and there are beautiful parts of you that stand out. Hopefully, like I’m trying to do, you can learn to listen to Alice Walker’s message and not let others keep you from being happy. “Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. And happiness you get, you’ve got to make yourself.” So go do it.


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