Shades of Style

I honestly can’t even tell you how much this excites me! I absolutely LOVE the cat eye shades! Plus, now they’re in hot new colors! It’s a most assured fact that I will own at least five pairs by the end of the summer!
When it comes to sunglasses this is simply my motto: THE BIGGER THE BETTER. When it comes to accessories, especially on a casual-cute outfit day, I love adding chunky colorful pieces!
Accessories don’t usually have to follow the color trends that you would want to look to with clothing. Accessories are meant to complement an outfit, so you shouldn’t plan your color scheme around them. Therefore, they don’t necessarily have to follow the trending color schemes.
All in all, especially when it comes to sunglasses, the more colorful and clunkier the better! I’m loving me some cat eye shades right now, and you can be assured they’ll be bold! Everyone should get one pair just to try on a fun day! Imagine how cool it would be riding around with the windows down, and a hot pair of shades to enjoy the sun with!!


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