When to Call it Quits?

Never. The answer to that question is never. Clearly I’m talking about when to call it quits on life (if you hadn’t figured it out by now). Between my friends and myself things seem to be consistently rough lately. Of course whenever things get tough the thought crosses everyone’s mind at some point; whether it be just a simple passing thought or something that someone may seriously consider.

The only way to benefit oneself, I believe, is to be truthful and open to who you are and your life experiences. By admitting my faults and expressing them I feel that it will help me to move past anything that’s been causing me to struggle lately. Yes, I’ve considered suicide before, and I wish that I could just say that it was a passing thought.

I wish I could say that this never happened, and that I’m the absolute happiest girl in the world. But that would be a lie, and to continue lieing now would only make my situation worse. Basically by writing this I’m just hoping that although I’m having trouble overcoming my obstacles, others shouldn’t have the same problem.

It’s not worth it to call it quits yet. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, think about how long it’s been and all that you’ve been through. It would be a waste not to see where you can take yourself, and all that life has to offer. It’s not time yet, and you’ll certainly know when it is. It’s a lesson I’ve been continually teaching myself and a way I’ve been encouraging myself to be strong. So, be strong with me, and understand there’s still so much joy and excitement ahead.


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