Expect Nothing Less Than The Unexpected

Even though I’m sure that there’s likely no one reading this, I have to admit that it feels better just to put everything out there. By writing all of this out, I finally feel like I’m not trying to hide. By admitting my faults, errors and everything that’s wrong with me I finally feel like I’m admitting to who I really am.

We all try to pretend to be someone that we’re not. We’ve all had those embarrassing moments where we just try to hide, and pretend that no one will notice us. But why? We all make mistakes and do things that we’re not proud of. So instead of hating ourselves and letting it bottle up inside, get it out there and share it. Most likely someone else is in the same position as you and your courage may give them courage.

None of us are perfect, but I’m done treating myself like I’m not good enough. However you treat yourself, that will be how others see you and treat you themselves. Just because you’ve done things that you may regret now doesn’t mean that you should expect less for yourself. Just know that everyone has things they wish they could go back and fix, but that everyone deserves someone to treat them like they’re a princess.

It’s definitely harder to take your own advice, because you’re the one that’s analyzing it. You think of so many reasons why it wouldn’t work, or why someone should treat you that way. Basically this is what it comes down to: don’t settle. Because once you settle for something, you’ve set the level at which people will accept as a way to treat you.

It’ll be hard, because I’m talking from experience. But you’ll feel so much better knowing that you held out, and finally allowed yourself to be happy. I know it’s late for this, but I truly believe in the mentality that it’s always better late than never. I’m making my resolution to have higher expectations for myself. I’m happy to admit to who I actually am, and still expect someone to treat me like I’m perfect. I refuse to allow people to treat me any less, and therefore I hope to have a happier future. There’s too much ahead of me to start accepting less than I deserve now.


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