Decisions are never easy

Being in High School still, of course prom and senior ball are all events right around the corner. It should be a happy time of year for everyone, but for some reason it always seems to bring out dread in me. Dates are a hassle, it’s a huge expense, and there’s always so much drama. Thank god for my senior ball I was able to acquire a date just in time, however it of course was not without some hassle. I went from one date, to a possible other, and now am finally set with yet a third and hopefully final date.

Between girls, money, indecision and poor timing it just seemed like nothing was working out! Plus, I had been asked to my friends prom, but can’t seem to find a kind way to express to him that I would want to go….just not with him. He’s an aggressive boy, and some-what bullies women into acting a certain way with him since he’s bigger. I’m afraid by agreeing to go with him that he’ll think I’ll be up for anything, but if I don’t agree to go with him then i’ll look like the bad guy. I haven’t answered him yet, and he’s already telling people we’re going together. Im not sure how to proceed from here with him. Should I have a talk with him and just hope he remains respectful, or just not accept the offer because there’s a chance that no matter what he’ll act like that. Any ideas??


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